Delta Energy Group is comprised of professionals of varied backgrounds and skills. For each energy or construction project that we're involved in, the best suited team is assembled to develop and implement energy solutions in the most efficient and effective way.

Each project presents opportunities and challenges. 
DEG carefully formulates the most cost affective approach for achieving customer goals and we manage projects to completion on time and within budget.

Please get in touch with us as you think of next your small or large energy project whether it be a solar electric system, renewable heating system, or lighting upgrade. We look forward to working with you!
         What's coming soon...
                                  Affordable Certified Passive House

Air Source Heat Pumps
9,000 and 12,000 Btu systems that take outside air (even at -13 below!) 
and turn it into heat efficiently and cost effectively. The opposite occurs in Summer 
making your home cool and comfortable. All at a very reasonable price to install

LED Lighting - replace screw in bulks with LED's and reduce energy consumption by 60-80%